Simplicity of form combined with essentiality

Lunenott will be exhibited in Venice Design 2019

About Me

Saverio was born in a city that has always been a crossroads of cultures and peoples: Naples. He studied at the Federico II University, where he studied Architecture. These are years full of cultural and ideological ferment, during which Saverio meets masters of architecture whom he appreciates for their passion and rigor towards history and design.

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A product that pursues quality down to the smallest detail, combining the most modern industrial technology with Italian artisan production.

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Lunenott Project

The design of a new lamp is justified / dictated by the desire to reconsider the relationship between man and matter, from the need to rediscover their own space without being gripped and suffocated by piles of trivial things, by the redefinition of the idea of a misunderstood accumulation.

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Exhibit In Venice Design 2019

Lunenott will be exhibited in Venice Design 2019 at Michiel Palace. From 11 May to 24 November 2019. Event Address: Strada Nova, 4391, 30121 Campo Santi Apostoli, Venice.

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