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Why a new lamp?

The design of a new lamp is justified / dictated by the desire to reconsider the relationship between man and matter, from the need to rediscover their own space without being gripped and suffocated by piles of trivial things, by the redefinition of the idea of a misunderstood accumulation. It is a return to substance, simplicity of form, beauty combined with essentiality.

Why this form

Lunenott, with its geometric, archetypal shape that finds “its raison d’être within an unconscious and hereditary knowledge intact through our biological memory” (Jung), releases an ancestral energy.

Why this color

It is the perfect shape, which Kandinsky associates with the blue color, producing a perpetual movement that represents the stars, it becomes a small universe where every form of passion is condemned in favor of the rigorous coldness of the method.

Why this cut

The presence of an incision and an absence of the material lets the emptiness behind emerge, evokes an opening towards the elsewhere, an escape route, but in Lunenott the cut opens the light in the dark and underlines its presence.